Hecttech Limited Edition ( Artists ! )

Hecttech Limited Edition ( Artists ! )




Do you have a track which you have made and would love to have it released on vinyl but find the costs too high ?


We have decided to setup Hecttech Limited Editions as a new vinyl label to hopefully help you with this and also to help us grow.

Each release will have 4 tracks/slots available to buy at £199 each (per track)

You can buy as many tracks/slots as you like on each release if there available ..

The tracks can be in these styles below ..
Happy Hardcore/Hardcore/Breakbeat Hardcore/Uk Hardcore/Freeform/Makina .

Once 4 tracks/slots have sold the vinyl will go to pressing which can take roughly 14 weeks ..


Price Incudes..
Black vinyl with printed centers (eg.. Hecttech Limited Edition 001)
You will recieve 20 Vinyl copys shipped to your address of the release.


All you have to do is send your unmastered track to us after purchasing.

Any Questions please email acurson_3star_23@hotmail.com